Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cell phone: the artist

Towards the end of finals, I was feeling a little frustrated like most people do during finals, and chucked my phone at the floor. Now, usually my phone is able to take the abuse, and i threw it at a carpeted floor, not even with much force, but this time when it hit the floor it bounced up and collided with a metal table leg.
When I picked it up, the screen was all white. at first I thought the phone was done for, but after some time the screen began making itself visible; sometimes as completely normal, and other times extremely glitchy. Oddly enough, these glitches were actually really beautiful and made me think of abstract paintings. It was as if the cellphone, through its destruction, had become an artist. It even seemed to have a sense of humor, being that sometimes when I would open the screen it would be perfectly normal, except for the fact that the entire screen image would be backwards. Sometimes if I was near my laptop I would try to capture these glitches with the photobooth camera, so here are a few.
Unfortunately my screen has recently reverted to being completely white, so I'm going to have to take it in to be repaired. but it was fun while it lasted. Now, enjoy some cell phone art.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


glad that's all figured outsza.

Can't wait for the new decade. growing my armpit hairs in anticipation.

cant escape the cycles of the moon.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Last night I dreamed that my family bought a house in Florida. It was on the beach and in jungle-y foresty area on a peninsula that had a few other houses on it. although it was florida it was still a little chilly outside and it was chilly in the house. I was unhappy with this new living arrangement. We had almost nothing in the house, and the house was also rather big (or at least by my standards... I think it was two or three stories). I had brought Jude (my cat) to live with me and there also was a Boston Terrier that came with the house. I realized that a bunch of teenagers were trying to break into the house by opening the sliding glass doors that were in the back of the house on the back patio so that they could steal stuff. But I saw them coming in and got mad and yelled at them about how there isn't anything in my house for them to steal and that my family is poor and that if they want to steal stuff then they should just go to some rich person's house because it would be more worthwhile than stealing from me. I was mainly concerned because I did have my only valuable item with me, my laptop, and I was worried that they would see it and try steal it. They left and I went to other parts of the house to go on my laptop/try to sleep. but throughout all this the teenagers kept on coming back and kept on trying to sneak in through either the back door or the front door. Because of this I was really anxious, because I couldn't sleep or do anything at all without constantly worrying about the teenagers breaking in, and since the back door and the front door weren't in view of eachother I couldn't just stay in one room and watch both of them: no matter what one door would be unguarded and out of my sight. The entire dream I felt extremely anxious and worried. eventually though, as if I was in the beginning of a videogame and the creator of the game decided to give me something to help me out, I was told that I could choose to give one of my pets the ability to do Karate. I chose Jude and then it looked like Jude was put into After Effects as a Puppet (like, puppet style animation) and I watched it all render really quickly and then Jude knew Karate. So I put Jude by the backdoor to guard it and attack the teenagers. I went upstairs to sleep and then when I came downstairs I saw that the teenagers were coming in through the front door so I confronted them and yelled at them again. Then one of the teenagers got all nasty and told me that they had already broken in and that they had killed my dad. I told him that he was full of shit because my dad was sleeping upstairs and I was just there and saw him. So the teenager was all like "I'm gonna go kill your dad" and I was like oh shut the fuck up you're full of shit, you wouldn't do that and get the fuck out of my house! And really, I didn't think he would do such a thing. They left but I was now feeling extra anxious and I was worried that either Jude wouldn't be able to fend off all of them if they came in through the back door and that they would hurt and kill him, and I was also worried that since he was just an animal that he would leave his post and then they would get in (the, i guess, narrator made it appear as if I could just trust the animal to do my biding, but I was really paranoid and didn't trust anyone other than myself so I worried about it). So I quickly ran into my backyard which was the jungleforest by the beach and grabbed two huge iguanas and I put them on either side of the back door to guard it. And then I woke up. I also wanted to mention that although my family bought the house, I appeared to be the only one in it other than Jude and the Boston Terrier, except for when the teenager mentioned my dad, and when he did I looked upstairs and I could see into a room and my dad was sleeping with his back to me, although I couldn't see his head or anything because it was blocked by the doorway. Also everything in the house was painted this sickly pale yellow-goldish color. and the kitchen was poorly lit. even my dad was wearing a golden colored sweatshirt when I saw him sleeping. The house felt big and empty, and even the penisula itself, although there was another house or two in walking distance, also felt very solitary and empty.
anyway, so yeah, that was my dream.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

one of my many beasts. I want to kill one head but not the other, yet the only way to kill it is by shooting it in the heart, but that would result in both of their deaths.
And no, just because it has a heart symbol on it doesn't mean it's about love. Barf!

Senior Thesis Idea

Tiptoe Through the Dicks


and a Ponytaaaaa! (materials: pencil, magic markers, highlighters, and colored pencils)

Stonesz workit outttt

Fraaggss, Daggszz, && that guy.

pencils, colored pencils, and ball point pen.

Sketch Book Cover

dkjfshkj so I finished the sketchbook a few weeks ago, so now that I have a slice of time I can post it's filler. Here is the cover, painted with paint markers. qweerrjeyuy!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh hey intarneeeeet

Vimeo Account

Yarpity yarp! Just started one. Not much on there at the moment, but soon...

Friday, December 11, 2009


we hangang out sumtimesz go to the bar get pizzazszzzz

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uuuuhhh some old stuff.

Sorry, I'm going through finals and also trying to get an animation done. I'll probably be working on the animation even after the finals, but after that I will put up a bunch of art from this semester.
I've also got some prints on sale in the Pratt holiday print show this semester, I've already sold a few, but if you're looking to buy some art and either like my stuff or would like to check out all the prints in general then come by and check it out!
I also got one of the prints featured on the website, suhweet!
as for now, here are a few old pieces from my portfolio in high school.

All of these pieces were drawn from life except for the painting self portrait.