Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ode in D Minor

I can see that they can all see my cracked glowing acorn must hide ittttttt

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

postery drawing

Heres a poster-esque drawing of the werewoman in the cacti forest. I really like how the cacti came out but Im worried about the fact that they dont have barbs on them since thats a necessary detail for them in this film. I might go back into them and add barbs. But I really really do like the way they look without them.....gaaaaaaaaahhhhhfffffffffffffuuuuuuu.

"That guy"

I think thats what Im calling this character. Anyway, here are some images of the other main character. Unfortunately these poses are all mostly uncharacteristic, and the shirts in most of these are too tight. Ugh honestly Im getting really anxious about these characters because the character designs are becoming extremely anal and Im worried that when I start animating its going to take me too long to draw each frame. Im really bugging out about it but I want everything to be perfect! Goddamnedohwell.

Anyway here she is so far. and also one drawing of the roach.

Character Designs: Werewoman

So here are a bunch of drawings of the Werewoman from my Senior thesis. There are a bunch more but these ones are either the best or the most accurate. I've been having some trouble with her design because I have a specific body type in mind and I keep on coming up with the wrong skeletal structure when I draw her (I want her body type to be, like... how do I explain it... amazonian woman/skandanavian woman/sailormoon...? Like, unusually tall and supermodel like. very skinny yet not too boney. curved edges.) I keep on making her body stumpy or too wide. But anyway, here are some drawings of her. Enjoy some tits.