Monday, November 1, 2010

Senior Thesis: Midterm Review

Alright... so I've disappeared for a bit. Its just that this semester has been the start of, well, my senior thesis. Last friday was our Midterm Review, in which we have to present our animatic/designs/some animation from our senior thesis in front of a jury and a bunch of other 2D and 3D seniors. (terrifying? Yes, absolutely.) I've heard from most that the jury usually rips everyone's projects to shreds but it ended up not being so bad! They seem to really enjoy my thesis and so I am in the clear and I can start animating! Thank god.

EDIT: Please take note of the fact that the colors in this drawing that I have it saved as are much brighter than the uploaded version; for some reason when I save it as a jpeg it greatly dulls the colors; making everything look pastel. BOOOOOOOOOO >:(