Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cell phone: the artist

Towards the end of finals, I was feeling a little frustrated like most people do during finals, and chucked my phone at the floor. Now, usually my phone is able to take the abuse, and i threw it at a carpeted floor, not even with much force, but this time when it hit the floor it bounced up and collided with a metal table leg.
When I picked it up, the screen was all white. at first I thought the phone was done for, but after some time the screen began making itself visible; sometimes as completely normal, and other times extremely glitchy. Oddly enough, these glitches were actually really beautiful and made me think of abstract paintings. It was as if the cellphone, through its destruction, had become an artist. It even seemed to have a sense of humor, being that sometimes when I would open the screen it would be perfectly normal, except for the fact that the entire screen image would be backwards. Sometimes if I was near my laptop I would try to capture these glitches with the photobooth camera, so here are a few.
Unfortunately my screen has recently reverted to being completely white, so I'm going to have to take it in to be repaired. but it was fun while it lasted. Now, enjoy some cell phone art.

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