Friday, January 7, 2011

More Color Palettes

Uhh... thinking about it more. so here are a few more palettes.


  1. hello fellow insomniac

    I love love LOVE the first one
    it really "pops"

  2. wooow this looks awesome! I like the light grey sky from the ones below, and the orangy color of the creatures in these...i think you could even make them more vibrant, like a little closer to the color of the sun. What would be interesting to try is a darker more dramatic shade on the only problem with most of these is that the tonal qualities of all these colors is sort of samey. Maybe a dark charcoal gray or a darker purply color could work for the hair. Keep the color of the sun it is awesome.
    Also...I really like the two tone cactuses from the post below, but maybe darken the tones in the shadows ever so slightly.
    I would definitely stick with the neutral gray sky will allow the rest of the colors some breathing room. Either that...or if you like the glowy sort of atmosphere the darker sky gives, you could try going just a little darker with it....but if you chose to do that....perhaps go even more neutral with the hair, like a lighter grey or brown.
    i cant wait to see this film!

  3. the last one is the clear winner to me. its the most well rounded. People seem to like the color variants in the cacti but my opinion is usually that of minimalism, and i think, in the animation phase, it would only confuttle the image.